Those American Lads

Oh yes, I remember those two lads, American they were, came up this way a few weeks back. Came in here for a hot drink, door flew open, letting all the warmth out and in they came. One in a red padded coat and the other in green, both carrying these huge backpacks on their backs. They saw an empty table in the corner and both sat down.

I went on over to them to see what I could get them. I felt sorry for them as they were both obviously cold and wanted something hot inside them. After playing them up and telling them…

“We sell spirits and beers, if it’s something hot you want then you can have tea…”

“Then you have tea?” was their reply.

“No, but I can make some for you, if you like.”

After a resounding “yes, please” from both of them I went off to get them their order.

Slowly the talking had resumed in the pub and the two lads were getting so many looks from my regulars. Now my regulars are good men but do not like change and really don’t like strangers. There is a reason for this and it has to do with the secret that we all keep.

I could see the two lads quietly talking as I returned to their table with tea in my pretty china teapot and cups and saucers on a tray. They seemed to be entranced by our five-pointed star that we have on our wall over there, we like to light candles for it every night.

“Remember the Alamo,” the first lad mutters (I now know his name was Jack)

“Oh, he was just joking,” said the other lad (this one was called David)

“Joking! I remember the Alamo, I saw it once in London, in Leicester Square!”

The Americans looked bemused at my comment until one of my regulars piped up and explained that I meant I had had seen it at the cinema, that film with John Wayne.

Well this lightens the mood and a joke is shared in the pub…but then Jack asked that question, the one we never like to answer.

“What’s that star on the wall for?”

The pub went deathly silent and our champion dart player even missed the board!

What came after was terrible, the lads were made to feel so unwelcome that they got up and left and on a full moon as well! I tried to get them to stay even put my neck out and told the room that we can’t let them leave. But leave they did and what came next was a tragedy.

I feel this guilt so deep within me, I should have stopped them, tried harder, something but peer pressure is such a difficult thing to stand up to. Time passed and I repeated that we can’t let them leave as we all knew how dangerous it was out there tonight, what with the moon full.

A heated debate then started about how we can’t let the world know our business, it has been our secret to keep for over 100 years and it needs to stay in East Proctor. Then it started to rain, I could hear it pattering the roof of the Slaughtered Lamb Pub. I prayed they would be safe in the rain, we all just sat there waiting for the howling to start, as we all knew it would. Every full moon our tiny village hides away and we all know to keep clear of the moors but those lads were headstrong and I knew didn’t heed our warnings. They probably thought we were old superstitious fools, if only we were!

The howls were getting higher in their intensity, I looked around the pub and implored the,

“We must go to them!”

“I heard nothing.”

“Nor I.”

I pleaded some more that those young lads needed us and it was time to make a stand and not cower and finally it got through. The men grabbed their rifles from their cars, (we all carry them in East Proctor) and out into the night we went.

The men wanted me to stay behind but I promised to stay at the back but no way was I missing this, finally we were going to save those poor unsuspecting Americans. We followed the sound of the howling but sadly we were too late. Jack was on the floor and he had been partially eaten, his jacket was ripped to shreds and his insides were on the outside and steaming in the cold night air. The werewolf was not finished yet though and had gone after David. It knocked him to the floor and bit and slashed at him. That was when we shot it, right through the heart. The creature toppled off David and fell onto it’s back.

I had never seen a transformation before but it was quick and the next thing I knew there was a naked man lying on the ground with a bullet hole through him. I wanted to be sick but I knew we had to act fast as this was not the only creature out there on the moors, so the men picked up David and carried him back to the Slaughtered Lamb and we called the local police.

Now they are obviously in on the village secret and we concocted a story about and escaped lunatic attacking the lads, we cleaned and dressed the wounds so that it wouldn’t look like an animal attack and the boy was shipped off to a posh London hospital.

Now the last I heard was that he had woken up from his coma, learned his friend was dead but was doing well, apart from his vivid dreams that is. Thats part of it you see, he’s going to change. The full moon is coming up in a few days and it’s going to be become a nightmare for that poor lad.

This secret that we all share is unbelievable, I know that. When I say that we have werewolves living in East Proctor and that they change every full moon and prowl the moors you will think I am crazy and that’s okay too. I am asking you to believe a story with absolutely no proof to back it up…but just wait a few more days and keep your eyes on the London news and I think I may make a believer out of you yet…


It’s in the stars

She sat there
Without a care
All alone
Without her phone
Gazing into the sky above
Thinking about her long lost love
Wanting, needing those arms around her
Now her future is just a blur
She needs a goal
Someone to hold
A lover she can ensnare
A person who will care
Who has the same tastes as she
She wonders who it could be
Could it be him?
But is he too slim?
Could he handle the pain?
Before he is slain
Then discarded in water
Maybe he should be shorter?
She must be clever
He will be missed forever
She mustn’t be caught
She’ll never be brought
Before a room of her peers
And sentenced to years
That is not in the stars above
After all she only does it for love

Alicia Darby

The Daily Grind

I sit and stare at the screen, almost daring it to crash on me, anything to make the time go faster so that I can leave this daily grind and go home or anywhere but here. I look up and around me and see everyone else in the same rut as me, casting furtive glances at the clock that hangs above us all, taunting us second by second as the hands slowly click on and on and on…

I twist my wrist around so that I can see my watch, just to make sure that the times are in sync, and unfortunately they are! My fingers start tapping at the keys on the keyboard as I try to finish my work. My mind starts to wonder away, concentration is all but lost to the forbidden dreams swirling around in my brain. I hear that voice, the one that tells me things, to do things and talks about the people around me, people I know, people that I don’t. My fingers continue to type but I begin to listen.

The murmurs get louder and my fingers type faster. I look around me at the drones, all sitting at their desks like me. Are they listening to their own inner voices too? I glance at Nancy at the next table, her fingers are flying over the keys but I can see her nodding away to some invisible voice and every so often a happy sigh emerges from her lips. I look to my other side and there sits Chris, he too is working away but he seems to be lost as I see tears running down his face and he is slowly shaking his head in denial.

My focus returns to the voice and I finally begin to understand what it wants me to do. I can see it is just and this is what I have wanted to do for years but never found the courage.

“You know the time has come, throw off this oppression and seize the day. Go to the kitchen, as if you just need a drink and go to the first drawer with the knives in it. Open it and you will find what you seek…”

I stand at my desk and stretch my arms above my head, no one is taking any notice of me, they are all stuck in their own worlds of endless boredom and tedious work. I push back my chair with the backs of my legs and walk away from my desk. I go to the kitchen, just as instructed and go to the drawer, the one that holds my salvation. I look inside and see that it is packed full of sharp butcher knives. I look around me and see a bag hanging on the back of the kitchen door, I grab it and unceremoniously dump the contents of it on the floor. I step back to the drawer and grab all the implements in it and fill my bag. I pick it back up and I can hear the musical chimes of all the knives that I have collected. I leave the kitchen and go back to the office.

At the doorway I stop and really look at everyone. I see sadness, despair but no hope on any of the faces. I drop the bag to the floor and everyone in the room turns and looks at me. I bend down and take out one of the kitchen knives. I brandish it above my head and my intention becomes clear to everyone in the room. They all push back their chairs and come to me as I pass out a weapon to each of them. There must be 30 of us all stood silently in the middle of the room and we all want to end this endless torture. It must end today, the voices that we have all been listening to tell us this and I DO believe that soothing voice.

I look at everyone around me and I feel so proud that we are a team, isn’t that what this company wanted us to be anyway, a team? I take a step towards to boardroom where a meeting of all the top directors and managers and even the team leaders is taking place. There have been rumours of the company closing its doors forever, huge payoffs for higher end staff and nothing for us, the backbone of the company, the people that have kept it running and making money for all these years. It was time to make our voices heard, above the corporate greed and uncaring.

As a group, we all silently advanced to that boardroom. All that could be heard was the soft shuffling of our shoes on the thick carpet. We reached the door but it was myself that pushed my hand forward and twisted that door handle. As the door opened we could all hear laughing going on as they ate from the luxury buffet that had been delivered earlier. They hadn’t noticed the intrusion yet and were talking as if their privacy was assured.

“Don’t worry, our own bonuses and redundancy packages are assured, trust me none of us will be hurting after we close this place…”

Finally, as I entered the room, the board members all turned to face us. The puzzlement was evident on the faces all around that huge oak table. Inwardly I was smiling but on the outside all they could see was rage. I was so angry, I wanted to vent my wrath on everyone around that table. How dare they give themselves huge payouts and forget us, the workers. Without us they wouldn’t get any money, didn’t they understand that? Well it was time to make them understand!

I stepped over to the Managing Director of the company and leant forward so I could talk to him face to face.

“Do you know who I am?” he looked at me blankly, with a pathetic dumb look on his face, “well, do you? I repeated.

He shook his head at me as speech seemed to have deserted him as all he could see was the huge knife I was waving in front of his face.

“I am your judgement, I am our salvation,” I waved my blade around me to include all my fellow workers “and it is time to pay the price…”

I slashed forward and sliced him across the face, opening his mouth up into a huge rictus of a smile. His hands shot up to try and keep his face together but it was a loosing battle as blood ran in rivers through his fingers. I thrust my blade forward again and parted the flesh of his neck. His eyes began to roll back into his head and the glorious flow of his lifeblood splashed me across the face. I blinked the blood from my eyes and turned to see what my fellow team were doing. All around me blades glinted as they sliced, slashed and diced the board members. I could hear death rattles and gasping from the fallen upper management. The attack had come so swiftly that most of them had not even been able to rise from their reclining chairs. The walls dripped blood from spurting arteries.

The deed was done, only one thing left now and we all knew our final grisly task. Each of us took a body and separated the head from the rest of it. This was no easy task, let me tell you. I had to saw through tissue and muscle and ligaments, tubes and other unmentionables. The hardest to get through was the bone, I jiggled the knife between the bones and slowly shifted the vertebrae until I could separate the two parts.

I held my trophy aloft and looked around me at my fellow workers, who all held their own trophies. At this moment we were the greatest team, we all had each others backs and would die and kill for each other. I felt pride that I was able to be included in this monumental uprising and I could feel the gore dripping from my body and knew everyone must be feeling the same thing.

As one we all threw our knives to the carpet, threw the severed heads onto the boardroom table and turned and exited the slaughter house.

The End of the World

I know its the end of the world but honestly, that’s fine by me. The signs and portents have been there awhile now, small events that when put together should have warned us of all this. All anyone can talk about now is how much time we all have left. Blah, blah, blah. I so don’t give a shit.

I was going to end my pathetic existence anyway so the world is doing me a favour. My life just gets shittier every day so what’s one more disaster amongst friends, or at least acquaintances, right?

I say that as I don’t really class anyone as a friend, anyone I get close to just dumps their crap all over me and never gives anything back. Everyone always wants something from me, hey do this for me, lend me this, can I have…and I am so sick of it. It’s give and take, you know? I need things back from people, friends who will listen to me for a change but no, all the people I know are arseholes.

My dad says that I think too much and I know that he is right as I shouldn’t let people get me down, they are missing out on my friendship.

Anyway, back to the end of the world…

I guess it’s my turn now to be judged by the demons that are running amuck all over the planet. I just know that I am going to be sent to die a horrible death and then get sent to Hell, Heaven is all full, or so they say.

I can hear a knocking at my door and my first thought is to pretend I don’t hear it and the demon will go away. I also hear an annoying buzzing noise in my ear, almost like a fly had landed there and won’t leave. I have to answer the door, that constant knock is compelling me to. My feet shuffle to the door and my hand reaches out and grabs the latch. I gulp in a huge breath and swing the door open. All around me goes silent, I can’t even hear the ticking of my grandfather clock.

Before me is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I look at him in mute confusion as I had heard that the demons that were coming for everyone were grotesque. Everyone has heard all the stories and read about in the newspapers how the demons are going from dwelling to dwelling and judging everyone on the planet. They are ripping up all the sinners and taking no prisoners and everyone must answer for their sins. No one has survived when they come calling.

He tilts his head to the side slightly as he regards me in the same manner I am mesmerised by him. Then he opens his mouth and asks me, very politely, if he can come in. His voice is like melted chocolate sliding down my throat and lodging in my brain. I nod my ascent and he enters.

He is so tall and has sexy black, wavy hair. His chin is chiselled, never understood this when someone would describe someone like this but in this instance, it fit perfectly. He had a small mole by his top lip and I found myself wanting to lick it, to taste it. His body was well defined and sculpted and again I wanted to run my lips and tongue all over him. I look back up to his amazing face and his eyes capture me, I mean, I cannot look away from them. They are reddish brown with orange flecks in them, I have never seen anything like them. His eyes are pulling me in, making me want to give up everything for him, and you know what? I would do it.

Outside, the screams and shouts and noise has started up again, it’s almost as if he had stopped time just to meet me. I can smell fire from the buildings that must be alight but I just don’t care. He holds out his hand to me and I reach forward and grasp it. His hand feels so hot but not wet, no it’s mine that feels soggy. The man leans down and looks closer into my eyes, I am trapped by him. I murmur, at least I think I do, how beautiful he is and a small smile tilts his lips. His tongue darts out and quickly moistens them and my eyes greedily follow the movement. I have never had this kind of reaction to anyone before. I want to touch him and taste him and for him to want to do the same to me.

It is chaos outside in the world, I still don’t care.

That smile is still on his lips as he guides me to the rug on my living room floor. I willingly go…after all if this is the end, I may as well go out with a bang! He kneels on the floor and pulls me down with him, still not breaking our eye contact. Then he kisses me and I melt. He does taste like chocolate. He pushes his breath slowly into my mouth and I open up further for him to gain more access. His breath is so sweet but I slowly realise that is not all it is, it’s hot. I can feel it pushing it’s way down my throat and scorching me on it’s travels. I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. I am beginning to panic and I stare accusingly at my personal demon. That smile is still on his lips as he watches me but I still want him.

My stranger rises up from the rug and just stands back and watches me. I can feel my throat closing and I scratch at my neck. The silence in the room stretches out like a rubber band but I can still hear the screams from outside. I rise to my feet and stumble over to where he is stood and shake my head at him.

“Why, you ask? I say, why not?” he answers my unspoken question.

I am so angry, I have never felt this deep hunger before, a hunger for this man to want me like I do him and to give me what I need, to stop the painful throbbing coursing out from between my legs. I begin to feel cool heat rising inside me. It begins to flood my entire body and it has stopped the stranger’s fire from ravaging me. I stand up straighter and his small smile slides off his face. He looks confused and my body takes this in. I reach out a hand and pull his head down to mine and rape his mouth. My lips and tongue part his and I push my essence into him. My hands claw at his hair and I push my body closer to his. I can feel his arousal at my attack. He gasps out as I pull my mouth away but all I am doing is taking him back to the carpet with me. I rip open his shirt, sending the buttons all over the room and then I bend and suck and bite at his chest. I make quick work of his belt and button and trouser zip and push them down. I am delighted to see that there is no underwear to deter me. I straddle him and ease myself down onto his shaft. I sit still for a beat and then ride him for all I am worth. I am not thinking of him but just all the pleasure that he can give me. My stranger is looking at me and his smile is back. He reaches down his hand and I begin to ride that too. I am climbing up to my peak and if it does kill me when I reach it, what a fucking way to die!

I throw back my head and scream out to the room as my orgasm crashes over me. Seconds later he reaches his own release as I feel it shoot inside me. I fall forward onto his chest and softly kiss at it. I can feel his hand stroking my hair and hear his heart slowly begin to slow down.

Amazingly, I have shut out what is happening in the world around me but slowly it does begin to filter back into my awareness. I find myself not really caring what is happening out there. I look up at this stranger and he stare back at me. I detach myself from him and stand up but I am still lost in him. I want him again, I can see that he wants me too by the size of him. I lower myself back down and take him in my mouth. I can taste him, he is deliciously sweet but also tastes like me. I suck him deeper and swirl my tongue around his length. I feel my body being moved as he positions me so that he can lick and suck me between my legs. He inserts two fingers into me and fucks me in time with his tongue. We tease and bite and suck at each other until another orgasm erupts from us both.

“What’s your name?” I ask as I have never had sex with a complete stranger before. (I do think I can be excused though, it is the end of the world out there)

He looks at me and smiles again. He holds out his hand and I take it. His clothes are all back in place, no buttons missing, all clean and wrinkle free.

“Hey, neat trick”, I flippantly remark.

He raises an eyebrow at me and I look down at myself. I am dressed in a long flowing white dress with matching shoes. I step to my mirror and see myself. I look perfect, my face is makeup free but beautiful. My hair is flowing down my back and I glance at my left hand and see a plain gold band has appears on my wedding finger.

I look at my stranger again and retake his hand. The door opens before us and outside is a brand new world…



I am known to many, to all.

I am the blood singing through your veins.

I am in the pounding of your heart, pumping me through your body.

I am in everyone as I plunder your soul and unleash myself upon unsuspecting victims.

I am a force to be reckoned with.

My vengeance is divine.

I am there with you every day.

I am the bitter resentment you feel each day.

You can feel me within you, bubbling beneath the surface.

I am ready to break free.

I am ready to be seen and heard and I will not be merciful.

I have no mercy.

I long to destroy, to devour.

I will eat your soul and take it within myself.

I will cherish the full feeling that I get from you…until it it time to move on and WRATH will find a new host.

When I meet you, you will wither before me.

Your light will grow dim, you will cower with respect and grovel at my feet.

I am WRATH and I can be merciful but I choose not to be.

My power grows stronger with each act of  the human race.

Bitterness grows within you all.

Your lives are miserable and your anger gets bigger with each disappointment that comes your way.

There is no avoiding me or running away.

As I said I am with you each and every day.

I am surrounded by my sisters, who may lighten your load…or not…

My sisters are there with you, always…LUST,  ENVY, PRIDE, GLUTTONY, SLOTH,  GREED…heed our warnings and bow before our majestic presence.

We are the SEVEN DEADLY SINS and we are sisters and we are watching…

Top ten John Carpenter films

10.  Starman – not usually keen on romantic films but this one is very sweet

09.  Vampires – love this movie and James Woods rocks in this film, loads of fun

08.  Assault on Precinct 13 – this is gripping thriller, the music is perfect and the cast is outstanding

07.  They Live – awesome film and has some amazing one-liners

06.  Escape from New York – such on overall great action film with an iconic anti-hero, Snake Plissken, what’s not to love?

05.  The fog – awesome old fashioned ghost story

04.  Big Trouble in Little China – has Kurt Russell in it, do I need another reason?

03.  In the Mouth of Madness – this film is so bizarre but just something about it I can watch over and over Sam Neill is brilliant in it

02.  The Thing – love this film so much, it is the whole package and again has Kurt Russell in it.  The SF are awesome

01.  Halloween – bought the slasher film back, I know there were others before this but this one was on a whole new level of greatness

Until I started this list I didn’t realise that there are a lot more than 10 good Carpenter films.  So special mentions to: Body Bags, Escape from LA, The Ward, Christine, Prince of Darkness and I am sure there are probably more…

My Stranger

I awoke with a jerk and looked around me.  My heart was pumping so fast and I knew there was someone in the room with me.  I could feel a presence, could hear a slight intake of breath as the intruder took in air.  I sat still and strained my ears.  Yes there was a definite stranger in my room.  What should I do, do I confront or pretend I had just awoken for no reason.

I am not one to avoid confrontation so my decision was made, I reached my arm out and clicked on my bedside light.  The lamp blared into life and I squinted for a moment as I waited for my eyes to adjust.  I looked to the corner and there he was just sat cross legged on the floor, not looking at me but playing with a pair of dice in his hands.  This gave me chance to look at him.  I couldn’t tell how tall he was but his legs seemed to be long as they were curled beneath him.  He had hair that needed a haircut as it kept flopping over his face and his hand kept moving up to flick it back.  His eyes were focused down so I couldn’t see his eye colour but I could see he had very long black eyelashes and big dominate eyebrows.  Overall it was a nice face but not one that would stick out in a crowd.

“Who are you?” I venture, my voice seems very small and scared.

He looks up at me and his eyes trap me in his, the colour is deep blue, I feel like I am drowning in them.  I open my mouth to speak again but my words are trapped as much as his eyes have trapped the rest of me.  He cocks his head to one side and my body gets up and moved over to him.  I try to stop my body but it won’t obey me.  My body belongs to him.  I reach him over on the floor and I halt abruptly and my body drops down until it is level with his and I sit down cross legged the same as my stranger.  He still hasn’t spoken a word and I want to fidget but my whole being is frozen in place.  the only thing he isn’t controlling is my heart beat which is running away with me.

He lowers his eyes and I am free, I move slightly but make no move to get away from him.  I feel a connection to this man, this unknown person who is sitting uninvited in my room.  While I have the chance I am going to get some answers out of him.

“Please tell me who you are and why you are here?  Should I be afraid?” I stammer it out at him quickly.

He smiles slightly and looks back up at me, again I am trapped and paralysed within my own body.  He leans forward slightly and his mouth has opened slightly.  I can smell his breath as it exits his mouth and I just want to drink it in, swallow it up and revel in it.  He  moves closer towards me and softly lowers his mouth onto mine.  I can feel him begin to explore me but my body still cannot move.  His tongue pushes my mouth open and pushes deeper into my mouth.  He closes his eyes as he kisses me and I am free but I don’t try to get away but I kiss him back.  I move forward more pushing my body closer to his.  His hands come up and touch my face and then he lowers them to my shoulders.  I relish his touch and yearn for him to touch me more.

He opens his eyes again and looks at me.  I freeze again with my body tilted forward, my hands reaching out and my lips swollen and pouting.  He lowers his hands and undoes the buttons on my pyjama top, exposing me to his greedy hands.  They begin to touch and caress me and I want to moan and urge him on but I am unable to as he has me trapped in his beautiful deep blue eyes.

His hands touch my stomach and I feel flutters inside me, my excitement is building.  I feel his fingers reaching inside my pyjama bottoms.  He pulls me forward and softly lowers me to the floor of my bedroom.  I feel his hands pull down my bottoms and then my naked bottom is touching the floor.  Its cold but I have a feeling I am going to feel warm again very soon.  His hands push my legs apart and his fingers find access.  I am wet and his probing digits soon enter me.  He pulls his fingers out and smears my juices over my clitoris as he begins to rub me in frustratingly soft circles.  I want more, I need more but I am still unable to move so I am totally in his power.  His stroking gets harder and I moan in appreciation, which is all I am able to do.

He looks away to watch what he is doing to me and I can move.  I pull him closer to me and I thrust my head back and arch up more into his body.  I am determined not to get trapped in his stare, I want to be able to touch him.  I squeeze my eyes shut and reach up and pull up his t-shirt and lift it over his head.  I reach my hands down and undo the buttons on his jeans and push them down with my feet, then I push down his boxers and he springs free.  I can feel his hard and long erection and I slowly run my hand up and down his long, thick length.  I can hear him moan in pleasure and this spurs me on and I move my hand faster.  His fingers begin to torture me faster as I pull him faster.  His legs are nudging mine apart and I welcome it as I feel his strong cock looking to enter me.  I stretch my legs further apart and move my pelvis up to meet him and to get him where I want him to be.

It finally happens, he is inside me.  He starts to move and I feel his hands come up and capture my head.  He wants me to look at him, he wants me to be frozen beneath him as he does what he wants to me.  I feel scared, do I want to hand over complete control to this man again?  He touches me again and I am convinced so I lift my eyes up to meet his.  My body stills again and I am his to move to his will.  I lift my legs and he pulls them so that they latch behind him.  He lifts my bottom and thrusts into me faster, all the while staring into my eyes.  I can feel his sweat drip onto my body and it blazes a trail of coldness as it trickles down my body.  His body is rubbing against mine in all the right places and I can feel my orgasm rising.  He is going faster and I am getting closer, another soft moan escapes my lips and my body begins to shudder and my orgasm races through my body.  Ripples overcome me and then I feel his come shoot inside me, flooding me in his heat.

I am still trapped within his gaze but my feelings are all heightened and my body feels alive even though it cannot move.  I have never had an orgasm this intense before.  My body just keeps clenching onto his and doesn’t want to let this stranger go.  Even though I am frozen my inside muscles have attached themselves to his penis.  I can feel his body trying to disengage itself from mine.  He closes his eyes to try and stop our link but even though my body is released it won’t let go of him.  I cling on and I can feel him begin to struggle.

My excitement is building again and even though he is trying to get off me I can feel his penis begin to grow again.  His struggles strengthen but I am not letting go, I reach up and kiss him.  My body is getting stronger but his is weakening.  I take advantage of this and flip him over so that I am on top and I am in control.  I ride him and he reaches his hands up to try to push me off.  I grab his hands and force them to the floor and continue to take everything from him.  I put my hands around his neck and slowly begin to choke him.  He rears up in shock and tries to buck me off but I just squeeze harder.

I am nearly there so I thrust myself against him faster and harder.  His face is turning a very beautiful rosy purple and his eyes are bugging out but they don’t have a hold on me anymore.  I throw my head back as I shudder in pleasure and I give his neck that final, fatal push and twist.  There is a sharp crack thats breaks the sounds of my heaving breath and then a silence permeates the room.  I look down at my stranger, he is very still now and no longer holds any allure for me.  I lift myself off his cooling body and softly blow him a kiss.

Just a little about myself.  I am known by a few names and have many passions which I want to share.  I go by Bloody Rose and I am the Marquise de Sang and love to drench myself in the Rivers of Grue.  On this page I hope to write about anything and everything and whatever takes my fancy at any time.  Suggestions or requests will be kindly received too.

I have a passion for horror in all it’s guises, films, books, games, poems…the list goes on.  I won’t just be focusing on horror though as I do enjoy most genres, especially 70s and 80s.

I love to write stories and will be sharing some of those too, I tried to do poetry but they just suck but I may post a few just so you can see how bad they are!  My stories can be erotic and graphic in nature so if you are under 18 or easily offended then this site is not for you.

Please follow me on Facebook and twitter and I will also follow you back.  I love reading other writers works, it amazes how much talent is out there.

I hope you enjoy what you find on my site.  Over 18s only please.