Month: January 2014

My Stranger

I awoke with a jerk and looked around me.  My heart was pumping so fast and I knew there was someone in the room with me.  I could feel a presence, could hear a slight intake of breath as the intruder took in air.  I sat still and strained my ears.  Yes there was a definite stranger in my room.  What should I do, do I confront or pretend I had just awoken for no reason.

I am not one to avoid confrontation so my decision was made, I reached my arm out and clicked on my bedside light.  The lamp blared into life and I squinted for a moment as I waited for my eyes to adjust.  I looked to the corner and there he was just sat cross legged on the floor, not looking at me but playing with a pair of dice in his hands.  This gave me chance to look at him.  I couldn’t tell how tall he was but his legs seemed to be long as they were curled beneath him.  He had hair that needed a haircut as it kept flopping over his face and his hand kept moving up to flick it back.  His eyes were focused down so I couldn’t see his eye colour but I could see he had very long black eyelashes and big dominate eyebrows.  Overall it was a nice face but not one that would stick out in a crowd.

“Who are you?” I venture, my voice seems very small and scared.

He looks up at me and his eyes trap me in his, the colour is deep blue, I feel like I am drowning in them.  I open my mouth to speak again but my words are trapped as much as his eyes have trapped the rest of me.  He cocks his head to one side and my body gets up and moved over to him.  I try to stop my body but it won’t obey me.  My body belongs to him.  I reach him over on the floor and I halt abruptly and my body drops down until it is level with his and I sit down cross legged the same as my stranger.  He still hasn’t spoken a word and I want to fidget but my whole being is frozen in place.  the only thing he isn’t controlling is my heart beat which is running away with me.

He lowers his eyes and I am free, I move slightly but make no move to get away from him.  I feel a connection to this man, this unknown person who is sitting uninvited in my room.  While I have the chance I am going to get some answers out of him.

“Please tell me who you are and why you are here?  Should I be afraid?” I stammer it out at him quickly.

He smiles slightly and looks back up at me, again I am trapped and paralysed within my own body.  He leans forward slightly and his mouth has opened slightly.  I can smell his breath as it exits his mouth and I just want to drink it in, swallow it up and revel in it.  He  moves closer towards me and softly lowers his mouth onto mine.  I can feel him begin to explore me but my body still cannot move.  His tongue pushes my mouth open and pushes deeper into my mouth.  He closes his eyes as he kisses me and I am free but I don’t try to get away but I kiss him back.  I move forward more pushing my body closer to his.  His hands come up and touch my face and then he lowers them to my shoulders.  I relish his touch and yearn for him to touch me more.

He opens his eyes again and looks at me.  I freeze again with my body tilted forward, my hands reaching out and my lips swollen and pouting.  He lowers his hands and undoes the buttons on my pyjama top, exposing me to his greedy hands.  They begin to touch and caress me and I want to moan and urge him on but I am unable to as he has me trapped in his beautiful deep blue eyes.

His hands touch my stomach and I feel flutters inside me, my excitement is building.  I feel his fingers reaching inside my pyjama bottoms.  He pulls me forward and softly lowers me to the floor of my bedroom.  I feel his hands pull down my bottoms and then my naked bottom is touching the floor.  Its cold but I have a feeling I am going to feel warm again very soon.  His hands push my legs apart and his fingers find access.  I am wet and his probing digits soon enter me.  He pulls his fingers out and smears my juices over my clitoris as he begins to rub me in frustratingly soft circles.  I want more, I need more but I am still unable to move so I am totally in his power.  His stroking gets harder and I moan in appreciation, which is all I am able to do.

He looks away to watch what he is doing to me and I can move.  I pull him closer to me and I thrust my head back and arch up more into his body.  I am determined not to get trapped in his stare, I want to be able to touch him.  I squeeze my eyes shut and reach up and pull up his t-shirt and lift it over his head.  I reach my hands down and undo the buttons on his jeans and push them down with my feet, then I push down his boxers and he springs free.  I can feel his hard and long erection and I slowly run my hand up and down his long, thick length.  I can hear him moan in pleasure and this spurs me on and I move my hand faster.  His fingers begin to torture me faster as I pull him faster.  His legs are nudging mine apart and I welcome it as I feel his strong cock looking to enter me.  I stretch my legs further apart and move my pelvis up to meet him and to get him where I want him to be.

It finally happens, he is inside me.  He starts to move and I feel his hands come up and capture my head.  He wants me to look at him, he wants me to be frozen beneath him as he does what he wants to me.  I feel scared, do I want to hand over complete control to this man again?  He touches me again and I am convinced so I lift my eyes up to meet his.  My body stills again and I am his to move to his will.  I lift my legs and he pulls them so that they latch behind him.  He lifts my bottom and thrusts into me faster, all the while staring into my eyes.  I can feel his sweat drip onto my body and it blazes a trail of coldness as it trickles down my body.  His body is rubbing against mine in all the right places and I can feel my orgasm rising.  He is going faster and I am getting closer, another soft moan escapes my lips and my body begins to shudder and my orgasm races through my body.  Ripples overcome me and then I feel his come shoot inside me, flooding me in his heat.

I am still trapped within his gaze but my feelings are all heightened and my body feels alive even though it cannot move.  I have never had an orgasm this intense before.  My body just keeps clenching onto his and doesn’t want to let this stranger go.  Even though I am frozen my inside muscles have attached themselves to his penis.  I can feel his body trying to disengage itself from mine.  He closes his eyes to try and stop our link but even though my body is released it won’t let go of him.  I cling on and I can feel him begin to struggle.

My excitement is building again and even though he is trying to get off me I can feel his penis begin to grow again.  His struggles strengthen but I am not letting go, I reach up and kiss him.  My body is getting stronger but his is weakening.  I take advantage of this and flip him over so that I am on top and I am in control.  I ride him and he reaches his hands up to try to push me off.  I grab his hands and force them to the floor and continue to take everything from him.  I put my hands around his neck and slowly begin to choke him.  He rears up in shock and tries to buck me off but I just squeeze harder.

I am nearly there so I thrust myself against him faster and harder.  His face is turning a very beautiful rosy purple and his eyes are bugging out but they don’t have a hold on me anymore.  I throw my head back as I shudder in pleasure and I give his neck that final, fatal push and twist.  There is a sharp crack thats breaks the sounds of my heaving breath and then a silence permeates the room.  I look down at my stranger, he is very still now and no longer holds any allure for me.  I lift myself off his cooling body and softly blow him a kiss.


Just a little about myself.  I am known by a few names and have many passions which I want to share.  I go by Bloody Rose and I am the Marquise de Sang and love to drench myself in the Rivers of Grue.  On this page I hope to write about anything and everything and whatever takes my fancy at any time.  Suggestions or requests will be kindly received too.

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