Month: January 2015

The End of the World

I know its the end of the world but honestly, that’s fine by me. The signs and portents have been there awhile now, small events that when put together should have warned us of all this. All anyone can talk about now is how much time we all have left. Blah, blah, blah. I so don’t give a shit.

I was going to end my pathetic existence anyway so the world is doing me a favour. My life just gets shittier every day so what’s one more disaster amongst friends, or at least acquaintances, right?

I say that as I don’t really class anyone as a friend, anyone I get close to just dumps their crap all over me and never gives anything back. Everyone always wants something from me, hey do this for me, lend me this, can I have…and I am so sick of it. It’s give and take, you know? I need things back from people, friends who will listen to me for a change but no, all the people I know are arseholes.

My dad says that I think too much and I know that he is right as I shouldn’t let people get me down, they are missing out on my friendship.

Anyway, back to the end of the world…

I guess it’s my turn now to be judged by the demons that are running amuck all over the planet. I just know that I am going to be sent to die a horrible death and then get sent to Hell, Heaven is all full, or so they say.

I can hear a knocking at my door and my first thought is to pretend I don’t hear it and the demon will go away. I also hear an annoying buzzing noise in my ear, almost like a fly had landed there and won’t leave. I have to answer the door, that constant knock is compelling me to. My feet shuffle to the door and my hand reaches out and grabs the latch. I gulp in a huge breath and swing the door open. All around me goes silent, I can’t even hear the ticking of my grandfather clock.

Before me is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I look at him in mute confusion as I had heard that the demons that were coming for everyone were grotesque. Everyone has heard all the stories and read about in the newspapers how the demons are going from dwelling to dwelling and judging everyone on the planet. They are ripping up all the sinners and taking no prisoners and everyone must answer for their sins. No one has survived when they come calling.

He tilts his head to the side slightly as he regards me in the same manner I am mesmerised by him. Then he opens his mouth and asks me, very politely, if he can come in. His voice is like melted chocolate sliding down my throat and lodging in my brain. I nod my ascent and he enters.

He is so tall and has sexy black, wavy hair. His chin is chiselled, never understood this when someone would describe someone like this but in this instance, it fit perfectly. He had a small mole by his top lip and I found myself wanting to lick it, to taste it. His body was well defined and sculpted and again I wanted to run my lips and tongue all over him. I look back up to his amazing face and his eyes capture me, I mean, I cannot look away from them. They are reddish brown with orange flecks in them, I have never seen anything like them. His eyes are pulling me in, making me want to give up everything for him, and you know what? I would do it.

Outside, the screams and shouts and noise has started up again, it’s almost as if he had stopped time just to meet me. I can smell fire from the buildings that must be alight but I just don’t care. He holds out his hand to me and I reach forward and grasp it. His hand feels so hot but not wet, no it’s mine that feels soggy. The man leans down and looks closer into my eyes, I am trapped by him. I murmur, at least I think I do, how beautiful he is and a small smile tilts his lips. His tongue darts out and quickly moistens them and my eyes greedily follow the movement. I have never had this kind of reaction to anyone before. I want to touch him and taste him and for him to want to do the same to me.

It is chaos outside in the world, I still don’t care.

That smile is still on his lips as he guides me to the rug on my living room floor. I willingly go…after all if this is the end, I may as well go out with a bang! He kneels on the floor and pulls me down with him, still not breaking our eye contact. Then he kisses me and I melt. He does taste like chocolate. He pushes his breath slowly into my mouth and I open up further for him to gain more access. His breath is so sweet but I slowly realise that is not all it is, it’s hot. I can feel it pushing it’s way down my throat and scorching me on it’s travels. I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. I am beginning to panic and I stare accusingly at my personal demon. That smile is still on his lips as he watches me but I still want him.

My stranger rises up from the rug and just stands back and watches me. I can feel my throat closing and I scratch at my neck. The silence in the room stretches out like a rubber band but I can still hear the screams from outside. I rise to my feet and stumble over to where he is stood and shake my head at him.

“Why, you ask? I say, why not?” he answers my unspoken question.

I am so angry, I have never felt this deep hunger before, a hunger for this man to want me like I do him and to give me what I need, to stop the painful throbbing coursing out from between my legs. I begin to feel cool heat rising inside me. It begins to flood my entire body and it has stopped the stranger’s fire from ravaging me. I stand up straighter and his small smile slides off his face. He looks confused and my body takes this in. I reach out a hand and pull his head down to mine and rape his mouth. My lips and tongue part his and I push my essence into him. My hands claw at his hair and I push my body closer to his. I can feel his arousal at my attack. He gasps out as I pull my mouth away but all I am doing is taking him back to the carpet with me. I rip open his shirt, sending the buttons all over the room and then I bend and suck and bite at his chest. I make quick work of his belt and button and trouser zip and push them down. I am delighted to see that there is no underwear to deter me. I straddle him and ease myself down onto his shaft. I sit still for a beat and then ride him for all I am worth. I am not thinking of him but just all the pleasure that he can give me. My stranger is looking at me and his smile is back. He reaches down his hand and I begin to ride that too. I am climbing up to my peak and if it does kill me when I reach it, what a fucking way to die!

I throw back my head and scream out to the room as my orgasm crashes over me. Seconds later he reaches his own release as I feel it shoot inside me. I fall forward onto his chest and softly kiss at it. I can feel his hand stroking my hair and hear his heart slowly begin to slow down.

Amazingly, I have shut out what is happening in the world around me but slowly it does begin to filter back into my awareness. I find myself not really caring what is happening out there. I look up at this stranger and he stare back at me. I detach myself from him and stand up but I am still lost in him. I want him again, I can see that he wants me too by the size of him. I lower myself back down and take him in my mouth. I can taste him, he is deliciously sweet but also tastes like me. I suck him deeper and swirl my tongue around his length. I feel my body being moved as he positions me so that he can lick and suck me between my legs. He inserts two fingers into me and fucks me in time with his tongue. We tease and bite and suck at each other until another orgasm erupts from us both.

“What’s your name?” I ask as I have never had sex with a complete stranger before. (I do think I can be excused though, it is the end of the world out there)

He looks at me and smiles again. He holds out his hand and I take it. His clothes are all back in place, no buttons missing, all clean and wrinkle free.

“Hey, neat trick”, I flippantly remark.

He raises an eyebrow at me and I look down at myself. I am dressed in a long flowing white dress with matching shoes. I step to my mirror and see myself. I look perfect, my face is makeup free but beautiful. My hair is flowing down my back and I glance at my left hand and see a plain gold band has appears on my wedding finger.

I look at my stranger again and retake his hand. The door opens before us and outside is a brand new world…