I am known to many, to all.

I am the blood singing through your veins.

I am in the pounding of your heart, pumping me through your body.

I am in everyone as I plunder your soul and unleash myself upon unsuspecting victims.

I am a force to be reckoned with.

My vengeance is divine.

I am there with you every day.

I am the bitter resentment you feel each day.

You can feel me within you, bubbling beneath the surface.

I am ready to break free.

I am ready to be seen and heard and I will not be merciful.

I have no mercy.

I long to destroy, to devour.

I will eat your soul and take it within myself.

I will cherish the full feeling that I get from you…until it it time to move on and WRATH will find a new host.

When I meet you, you will wither before me.

Your light will grow dim, you will cower with respect and grovel at my feet.

I am WRATH and I can be merciful but I choose not to be.

My power grows stronger with each act of  the human race.

Bitterness grows within you all.

Your lives are miserable and your anger gets bigger with each disappointment that comes your way.

There is no avoiding me or running away.

As I said I am with you each and every day.

I am surrounded by my sisters, who may lighten your load…or not…

My sisters are there with you, always…LUST,  ENVY, PRIDE, GLUTTONY, SLOTH,  GREED…heed our warnings and bow before our majestic presence.

We are the SEVEN DEADLY SINS and we are sisters and we are watching…



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