My top tens

Top ten John Carpenter films

10.  Starman – not usually keen on romantic films but this one is very sweet

09.  Vampires – love this movie and James Woods rocks in this film, loads of fun

08.  Assault on Precinct 13 – this is gripping thriller, the music is perfect and the cast is outstanding

07.  They Live – awesome film and has some amazing one-liners

06.  Escape from New York – such on overall great action film with an iconic anti-hero, Snake Plissken, what’s not to love?

05.  The fog – awesome old fashioned ghost story

04.  Big Trouble in Little China – has Kurt Russell in it, do I need another reason?

03.  In the Mouth of Madness – this film is so bizarre but just something about it I can watch over and over Sam Neill is brilliant in it

02.  The Thing – love this film so much, it is the whole package and again has Kurt Russell in it.  The SF are awesome

01.  Halloween – bought the slasher film back, I know there were others before this but this one was on a whole new level of greatness

Until I started this list I didn’t realise that there are a lot more than 10 good Carpenter films.  So special mentions to: Body Bags, Escape from LA, The Ward, Christine, Prince of Darkness and I am sure there are probably more…