It’s in the stars

She sat there
Without a care
All alone
Without her phone
Gazing into the sky above
Thinking about her long lost love
Wanting, needing those arms around her
Now her future is just a blur
She needs a goal
Someone to hold
A lover she can ensnare
A person who will care
Who has the same tastes as she
She wonders who it could be
Could it be him?
But is he too slim?
Could he handle the pain?
Before he is slain
Then discarded in water
Maybe he should be shorter?
She must be clever
He will be missed forever
She mustn’t be caught
She’ll never be brought
Before a room of her peers
And sentenced to years
That is not in the stars above
After all she only does it for love

Alicia Darby



  1. This is excellent, you’ve done a beautiful job!
    You took that step and challenged yourself and you have done yourself justice. Very #Proud of you. Well done. 🙂

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